Water water everywhere!

earth-on-leafDid you know that the average person uses about 264 pints (150 litres) of water a day?
Most of this is used for flushing toilets and washing; it all has to be processed and treated with chemicals.

Water is a really important resource and in some countries people have to survive on about 20 litres a day. A dripping tap alone can waste up to 15 litres of water a day or about 5,500 litres a year! This is enough water for about 88 showers running at eight litres per minute or about three quarters of the amount of water that people in developing countries have to live on a day!

Our resident green champions have been getting involved by trying to cut their water consumption with the aid of a shower timer to see how much water they can save.

One resident commented:

The shower timer has been really useful and as a family we have turned it into a bit of a competition to see how much water we can save. By reducing the amount of time we are all spending in the shower, I think we should be saving about 70 litres of water a day or 25,500 litres a year. Not only will we save money on the amount of water we are using, but we should save money on the gas bill too, as we no longer have to heat as much water each day.”

There are plenty of other things you can do to save water:

  • Instead of running the tap when brushing your teeth, why not fill a glass with water and use that instead? A running tap can use between six to nine litres of water a minute; for a two minute brush that’s up to 18 litres of water down the drain.
  • Before starting your washing machine, wait for a full load – a full load uses less water than two half loads; so, you’ll be able to save water and money on the electricity too.
  • Why not wash your fruit and veg in a bowl rather than under a running tap? You could cut down on wasted water and as an added bonus you can use the leftover water for your houseplants.