Residents Help Us To Reduce Our Carbon Footprint

New line for JamesResidents have really embraced the agenda and have been supported by Swan staff and their support workers in putting it into practice.

We have been working hard with our residents to explain the Green Agenda and Swan’s Environmental Policy, as well as ways we can work together to reduce our carbon footprint and promote value for money issues.

James Pearse, one of our residents who lives in Fairfield , Clacton, contacted Care and Repair, requesting to have his own rotary line installed in his back garden, so that he could hang his clothes out and dry them outside, instead of using his tumble dryer.

He said this would reduce his electricity bill and enable him to budget more easily.

New lines for residentsMatthew Fuller and Mathew Wisbey, who live in Maldon have also had a rotary line installed in their garden so that they can hang their washing out and stop using their dryer so much. They are really enjoying doing their laundry and love the smell of their bedding when it has been dried outside. Their support workers are helping them to continue hanging their washing outside, learn new life skills and save electricity.

Stephen Lamb who lives in Coppins Lane, Clacton, contacted us and asked that the handyman could install a line in his garden too, with the intention of saving money and electricity. He is really enjoying doing his laundry and being more green in the process.

airing your washingWe have also been contacted about installing a line by Billy Whitmore and Sean Brewster, who live at Peartree Mead in Harlow. Both Billy and Sean are looking forward to being able to hang their washing outside in the future.

We are very proud that our residents are leading by example and enjoying being Green!