Heating Tips

cosy-jumper-300x200The winter weather is here, so we have selected some tips to help you stay warm this winter, save energy and save some money too!

  • Turn off radiators in rooms that you are not using to save heating your whole home and make sure to regularly bleed your radiators to keep them at their most efficient.
  • Close the door when you go into a room and put a draft excluder in front of it to keep the heat in.
  • Draw your curtains in the evening and if you have a radiator underneath the window tuck the curtains behind it. One of the main purposes of curtains is to help keep the heat in at night.
  • If you’ve had the oven on to cook dinner, open the oven door once you’ve finished and turned it off and let the warm air circulate round the kitchen.
  • Consider putting on an extra jumper, thermal underwear or wearing a hat before being tempted to turn the heating up
  • Invest in a hot water bottle to keep you warm at night and wear bed socks

Green heating tips adapted from http://www.moneysupermarket.com/