Green Food Tips

roasted-veg-300x200We have all, at some point or another, been guilty of throwing away some food that has either gone off or is unwanted but did you know that wasted food actually makes a big contribution to CO2 emissions?

It is estimated that Britain throws away 220,000 loaves of bread, 5,500 chickens, 5.1m potatoes, 1.2 million sausages, 710,000 packs of chocolate or sweets, 260,000 packs of cheese and 1.3m yoghurts every day.

All this wasted food costs you money and increases carbon emissions.  It is estimated that daily waste costs an average home more than £420 a year but for a family with children the annual cost rises to £610.   In fact, stopping the waste of good food could reduce the annual emission of carbon dioxide by 18 million tonnes – the same effect as taking one in five cars off the roads!

To find out how you can avoid wasting food and using leftovers, visit  website for tips and recipes.

Wherever possible try to choose locally-grown produce or grow your own food.