Get ready for winter with Swan!

This year, Swan will be piloting its Winter campaign in Tower Hamlets. The Winter campaign is an initiative aimed at Swan residents aged 75 years and over who live on their own in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

The campaign aims to ensure that residents know how to keep their homes safe and warm, whilst saving money and showing the different things that can be done to remain in good physical and mental health. Specially trained Swan staff will visit individuals who qualify in November to identify any ways these residents can benefit from further help and support regarding winter warmth. Once there, our staff member will ask residents a series of questions to assess their needs relating to four key areas:

1 – Safe Home

2 – Warm Home

3 – Affordable Home

4 – Wellbeing (physical and mental health)

Where the Swan staff member identifies that there may be opportunities for help, a referral will be made to our Resident Involvement and Community Development Team (RICD). The RICD team will then identify the agencies that can provide the most help and support to the resident and will ensure the appropriate referrals are made.

For residents living in Tower Hamlets over the age of 75, please keep an eye out for your letter and remember that this is an ‘opt out’ scheme. So if you feel that you don’t require a visit please contact the RICD Team on 01277 844242. All residents who would like winter warmth guidance can call the RICD Team for more information.

RICD Team: 01277 844242