Free digital guides to help you get on-line

digital-unite-clipHelping more of our residents get online

We know that many of our residents now have access to the internet, but many do not have the knowledge or confidence to make the most of their experience. So along with basic IT courses and information in our newsletters, we are partnering with Digital Unite to help you find out how you can get more out of your time on the internet.

We hope you will find these free easy-to-use guides from Digital Unite about using modern technology both helpful and informative.

These  are ideal for improving your own confidence and skills.

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Free computer guides from Digital Unite

It’s easier to get to grips with computers than a lot of people think. Here’s how to get started.


Easy-to-follow guides on using Microsoft Office programs.


using the internet (300 dpi)

Using the internet

These guides will give you all the tools you need to become a confident internet user, surfing the web with aplomb.


email & skype (300 dpi)

Email & Skype

Staying in touch has never been easier or cheaper. These easy-to-follow guides will help you take advantage.


internet security (300 dpi)

Internet security

These essential guides detail the simple rules for staying safe online.


smartphones & tablets (300 dpi)

Smartphones & tablets

Powerful, convenient and multi-purpose, smartphones and tablets are the two key players in the fast-growing world of mobile computers.


social networking & blogs (300 dpi)

Social networking & blogs

We’ll show you how to get involved in these exciting, fun and flexible forms of social media.


shopping & banking (300 dpi)

Shopping & banking

The chores that used to mean a trip in the car can now be done from a chair, with a cup of tea by your side.


hobbies & interests (300 dpi)

Hobbies & interests

Find out just how easy it is to make the most of the many exciting, fun and useful things that the internet has to offer.


digital photography (300 dpi)

Digital photography

There are so many great ways to store, edit and share photos – our guides will show you how.


music & audio (300 dpi)

Music & audio

Music, audiobooks – you name it, it’s all on the internet and really easy to get hold of and download. Here’s how.


tv & audio (300 dpi)

TV & video

It’s now possible to watch TV programmes you’ve missed and films you thought you’d never find again – all online. These guides explain how.


Here at Swan we are is committed to helping more of our residents access online services.

With the introduction of Universal Credit will also mean that going online is the only way to apply for and manage Universal Credit applications for the majority of those in receipt of benefits.

Research also shows that getting online can save an average of £560 per year, and has benefits for education, employment and retirement.