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Get ready for winter with Swan!

This year, Swan will be piloting its Winter campaign in Tower Hamlets. The Winter campaign is an initiative aimed at Swan residents aged 75 years and over who live on their own in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

The campaign aims to ensure that residents know how to keep their homes safe and warm, whilst saving money and showing the different things that can be done to remain in good physical and mental health. Specially trained Swan staff will visit individuals who qualify in November to identify any ways these residents can benefit from further help and support regarding winter warmth. Once there, our staff member will ask residents a series of questions to assess their needs relating to four key areas:

1 – Safe Home

2 – Warm Home

3 – Affordable Home

4 – Wellbeing (physical and mental health)

Where the Swan staff member identifies that there may be opportunities for help, a referral will be made to our Resident Involvement and Community Development Team (RICD). The RICD team will then identify the agencies that can provide the most help and support to the resident and will ensure the appropriate referrals are made.

For residents living in Tower Hamlets over the age of 75, please keep an eye out for your letter and remember that this is an ‘opt out’ scheme. So if you feel that you don’t require a visit please contact the RICD Team on 01277 844242. All residents who would like winter warmth guidance can call the RICD Team for more information.

RICD Team: 01277 844242

Condensation and damp – Info and New Video

Condensation is basically too much moisture in the home. The moisture is caused by everyday living, from drying clothes on your radiators to steam from cooking. Read more

FREE Trade Skills Summer Taster Day

Teens are sometimes hard to entertain, so we’re offering a FREE Trade Skills Summer Taster day for Swan residents, in collaboration with Essex Youth Build.

Suitable for those aged 14-19.

Thursday 31 August 2017.

Transport provided.

Choose two from the list:

  • Bricklaying
  • Make your own bird box
  • Painting skills

Places are limited so call us now to book 01277 844242 or 01277 314378.

Summer Taster Day Poster

Swan Care and Repair deliver Winter Warmer Packs to those in need in North Essex

Swan Care and Repair have begun distributing Winter Warmer packs to older, vulnerable clients in North Essex. (Colchester and Tendring Local Authorities).

The Home Improvement Agency was selected to receive £5,100 in December from ACT (Anglian Community Trust) to provide the packs to clients who may be struggling to keep warm in the winter. The Care and Repair team put the remaining packs together last week and have been working with Vivo Carers and outside agencies to identify clients in need.

The packs are available for those that have a health or environmental need. For example; they may have an issue with their heating not working so are struggling to keep warm, or an inability to pay a larger than normal fuel bill due to the cold weather. Or they could be suffering from arthritis or other disability that means they have to make sure they stay warm. A case worker is available to visit to see if they are entitled to any additional income that they may not be claiming.

If you know of anyone in North Essex that may benefit from a pack please call the Care and Repair team on 01277 844235.

Save energy and money

warm toesThis time of year is when our energy bills soar. The nights are drawing in so you want more light, the weather is chilly so we need to switch the heating on, and a salad is not as appetising when its only 12 degrees outside and raining ‘again’
But there are still ways to save a few pennies, even at this this of year

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The latest edition of The Communicator!

The Communicator Spring 2017The Communicator has now gone fully digital and you are able to read it online.

There is no need for you to download it, unless you want to of course. As you can now read it online on your computer, tablet and most smartphones.

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Who are you telling where you hid your presents?


Is it just your family? Your friends? Or the whole world?

Tweeting on Twitter or posting on Facebook about your Christmas gifts or about your holiday plans could be just the green light that a burglar needs to break into your home. Read more

New DIGITAL edition of The Communicator!

the-communicator-2015-sOur regular Newsletter has now gone FULLY Digital and is available below

No need to download it. You can read it on-line on your Computer, Tablet and most Smartphones

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Top Tips on Staying Safe Online

These tips are from the UK Safer Internet Centre and were part of the Safer Internet Day Campaign, but we think they are valid enough to remain here.

Social NetworkingSocial Networking and Instant Messaging

There are lots of ways to protect your privacy and stay safe when using social networks and instant messenger services. Here are our top 3 tips: Read more

Energy meters, which is best for you?

clip-money-04Pre-paid or credit, which is best for you?

Gas and electricity costs keep on rising and when budgets are tight every penny counts. Your energy costs are calculated by meters and these come in two different types:

Pre-paid or credit. Read more