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Keep it clear campaign

keepitclear2Many tenants are unaware that one of the biggest causes of blockages in pipes are wipes and fats, oils and grease. Anglian Water, through its programme Keep It Clear, is working with communities to raise awareness of the issues, the costs, the misery blockages can cause with internal and external flooding, loss of toilet use, potential pollution and harm to the environment. Read more

Jessica Gets Green Fingers

jessicas-green-fingers-mWhen a Service User Involvement survey highlighted that the gardeners were having difficulty accessing the back gardens of single property Supported Housing Tenants, especially where the tenants had jobs, or were busy doing training, or other activities. Read more

Residents Go Green & Recycle

green residents initiative After consultations held with the residents at Boyes Croft last Autumn, residents requested that, other than the contracted grass cutting,  they would like to take responsibility for the rest of the garden maintenance themselves. Read more

Exmouth in Bloom

s-exmouth-023-fBack in November, the Resident Involvement & Communications Team joined Exmouth Residents planting over 300 spring bulbs on green spaces of the Exmouth Estate, and to follow this up Mark Saint, our Web4Residents Developer, joined Terry Lyle in a tour of the estate to see how well this long term initiative led by Terry is coming along. Read more

Swan has been awarded a prestigious Green Apple Award!

green-apple-award-logoSwan delivered a successful water efficiency pilot scheme in 69 properties last year which realised an average water saving of 41.94 litres/property/day, which equated to an annual monetary saving of £47.10 for our residents.

Read more

Helping households get the best deal on energy

energy picture 2Helping households get the best deal!

Households can save up to £200 per year by switching their energy suppliers. This is why the government are encouraging energy companies to make switching much easier and quicker. Read more

Freecycle it

FreecycleWhat is Freecycling?

Freecycling is when a person passes on, for free, an unwanted item to another person who needs that item.

From silverware to mobile homes, people worldwide are choosing to freecycle rather than discard. The practice frees up space in landfills and cuts down on the need to manufacture new goods. Read more

Paint recycling – winning resident’s suggestion

getting-recycled-paintMs K suggested that we should find a way for residents to share left over paint and wallpaper rather than it going to waste or sitting in garages.

This is a fantastic idea and one that would really support our Sustainability Agenda too. Swan doesn’t have the facilities to offer this sort of scheme itself but we think this is such a great idea we have looked into what facilities are available and found Community RePaint. This is a network of local schemes which collect some of the 50 million litres of paint left over each year in the UK and make it available at a low cost to families and individuals in need and to community groups and charities. Read more

Disposal of green waste in Newham

leavesDisposal of green waste Newham Council collect green garden waste from Newham residents for free. Read more

Green Tips – Transport

boris_bus_2-300x200Cars are a big contributor to CO2 emissions which affects our climate causing sea levels to rise, changes in the weather such as flooding and heat waves and impacts on all animal and plant life.  Wherever possible try to take public transport or even better, walk – not only is this much better for the environment, it is good for your health too!  Read more