Going Green FAQ’s

What is sustainability and being ‘green’?

Sustainability is about reducing your negative impact on the environment around you to keep a clean, healthy and safe world for you and everyone else.

Becoming more sustainable means finding a balance between the environmental, social and economic elements of daily life.

Why do we need to save energy?

Most of the energy we use comes from fossil fuels like coal and oil.  These are non renewable sources of energy which means there is a limited amount on the planet and once we have used it all, it is gone forever.  It is predicted that we only have enough oil to last another 40 years so we need to save as much energy as possible as well as finding other sources of energy.

Fossil fuels also cause another problem, as burning them to generate the energy releases carbon dioxide (CO2) which affects our climate. This is causing sea levels to rise and threatens plant and animal life.

Why should I do my bit?

Reducing your environmental impact means protecting the spaces you live and work in so they are safer, healthier and more attractive for you and your family. Being ‘green’ can bring you direct benefits and save you money. And of course, you can get a buzz from knowing you’ve done your bit for the environment and everyone else around you too.

What can I do to become more ‘green’?

You may be surprised by how easy it is to reduce your impact on the environment – just follow the links, above under “being green”, to find some top tips and useful resources.

Will becoming more ‘green’ cost me money?

Working to protect the environment you live in can actually save you money in many ways. Walk the children to school instead of paying for petrol or bus fares, reduce your energy bills by consuming less electricity or save money by wasting less food. Even buying a more energy efficient washing machine should save you money in the longer term.